Sierra Accounting Services, LLC
Mitzi Haughn - Owner
Maricopa, AZ
(480) 433-1784

Mitzi Haughn has over 13+ years of accounting history ranging from project accountant, payroll specialist, financial accountant, internal auditor, financial analyst, to bookkeeper.  Throughout those years, Mitzi has been able to learn several industries to include construction, government, non-profit, property management, auto sales, hospitality, healthcare, storage units, payment processing, and engineering.  She has taught customized Microsoft Excel classes to hundreds of people at a workplace.  Her accounting degree comes from Arizona State University, where she majored in Global Business Management.  When Mitzi is not doing accounting or Excel work, she enjoys running, sand volleyball, volunteering, or just playing with her German Shepherd dogs.  In fact, Sierra Accounting Services, LLC is named after one of her German Shepherd puppies.


Supporting the community is a large part of what makes Sierra Accounting Services unique.  Mitzi has partnered with several local organizations donating her time and endless energy contributing to what she is most passionate about.

Creating a world where there are no
homeless dogs and cats

Feeding hungry children in body and spirit

Fighting Childhood Obesity
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